Global inkjet solutions provider Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions has launched a new inkjet imprinting solution: the Fujifilm 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System.

The new integrated print solution targets industrial production operations that need to print on a wide range of labels and packaging material. Featuring a drop on demand design, the Fujifilm 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System streamlines workflow with print speeds of up to 152 metres per minute.

Greg Balch, vice president and general manager of the Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions Group, says, “We’ve seen the use of inkjet continue to grow in the label and packaging markets given its ability to produce high-quality output with variable data. Our vision behind the 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System is to help fill an important gap in the market for imprinting at high DPI and with high reliability.”

Easy to use

Fujifilm’s 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System uses Fujifilm’s proprietary Samba printhead technology, which leverages the precision of silicon MEMS processing and sputtered PZT in a parallelogram shape. PZT, or Lead Zirconate Titanate, is considered the best piezoelectric material. Additionally, Fujifilm’s 46kUV Inkjet Printer System has a native resolution of 1200dpi to cover a broad range of label quality needs. It can print individual QR codes, as well as high-quality small fonts.

Available in four print widths of 25cm, 33cm, 43cm, and 50cm, the Fujifilm’s 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System integrates into traditional printing processes. The company says it minimises the need for extensive training and process changes.

Operators can use Fujifilm’s 3IC document creation software with the 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System to create variable data content. The printbar’s cleaning and capping module helps maintain image quality. The 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System also uses Fujifilm’s proprietary Redijet patented ink recirculation. This optimises image quality across the print width to minimize the need for printhead refurbishment.

Visit the product page to learn more about the Fujifilm 46kUV Inkjet Printbar System.

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