workflow at Fespa 2022
Zünd says printed and affixed QR Codes help streamline and facilitate logistics

Zünd says it will promote an automated workflow at Fespa 2022 in Berlin.

The company says an automated, digital print&cut workflow is essential for standardised manufacturing processes and economical production.

The company says there are many ways to optimise production and make it more efficient and profitable. Zünd offers automation solutions for many different scenarios. They are designed to automate and standardize the preparation of print and cut files. They support print and sign companies by providing tools for production monitoring and analysis and for facilitating the removal and logistics of cut parts.

Zünd says its booth at Fespa illustrates how smart production automation offers great savings potential even for smaller graphics manufacturers, for instance by eliminating the potential for errors. The company will introduce attendees to PrimeCentee, the control center for generating print and cut files. In live demos, Zünd will show how the Pick&Place interface option controls robotic devices and fully automates the removal of cut parts and their placement at pre-defined locations.

To create additional efficiencies in parts removal, job tracking, and even logistics, Zünd is also showing the Visualising Option, another component of the Zünd Cut Centre user interface and workflow software. Besides assisting the user during parts removal through projection, this option offers capabilities for labeling cut parts. Printed and affixed QR Codes help streamline and facilitate logistics.

For anyone looking to determine what aspects of their production workflow may have potential for optimization, Zünd offers the web-based monitoring and analytics software Zünd Connect. It captures performance and availability KPIs from cutters integrated in the Zünd production workflow and uses this data to calculate Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). Zünd Connect uncovers productivity losses and provides key performance indicators that help users further optimize their digital cutting operations.

In New Zealand, Zünd solutions are supllied through Aarque and Starleaton.

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