Online visitors from 155 countries helped make history as virtual.drupa delivered the first digital version of the giant trade fair.

Organisers say the virtual event bridged the gap between the previous and forthcoming face to face event in 2024. They add that the global print and packaging community provided excellent feedback if or the show.

Over four days, 212 exhibitors from 35 countries, as well as team members from global subsidiaries, presented their product portfolios. The online showrooms hosted more than 125 live web sessions with an average of 140 participants.

A comprehensive conference programme covered 130 presentations in the context of five special forums. The forums focused on key issues as well as global megatrends and their impact on the industry.

The event boasts statistics of around 600,000 page views and 45,000 specific users. International visitors from 155 countries made up more than 82 per cent of the total number.

Global networking

Erhard Wienkamp, chief operating officer at Messe Düsseldorf, calls virtual.drupa a digital platform for international knowledge transfer and networking opportunities. He says, “We implemented virtual.drupa to help maintain contact within the industry during the pandemic. The numbers demonstrate we have achieved this.

“virtual.drupa enabled exhibitors and prospective customers to reinforce their networks, generate new leads and gather incentives for their corporate targets.”

Sabine Geldermann, project director print technologies, says,“We are delighted about the positive feedback we have received from participants. The overwhelming number of global players. both in terms of exhibitors and visitors, has resulted in an industry dialogue that was particularly important during this time.

“The show impressed with a wide spectrum of target visitor groups, profiles and areas of interest. This also applies to the exhibitors and their product portfolios along the entire value chain.”

Geldermann also notes an excitement in anticipation of drupa 2024: “Many participants have already signalled they are looking forward to this industry highlight and the live experiences”.

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