Virtual 2020 WorldStar Packaging
Online: Participants can choose when to view the awards

The Australian Institute of Packaging has invited members and industry colleagues to participate in the Virtual 2020 WorldStar Packaging Special Awards ceremony on August 26.

The ceremony will see the largest number of New Zealand and Australian companies recognised globally for their innovative packaging designs. The annual PIDA Awards work as the exclusive entry point for New Zealand and Australian companies for the WorldStar Packaging Awards.


The Virtual 2020 WorldStar Packaging Special Awards comprise the four categories of Marketing; Packaging that Saves Food; Sustainable Packaging Design; and President’s Award.

The New Zealand and Australian companies in the awards includes for the President’s Award, Plantic Technologies and Neat Meats; Packaging that Saves Food Special Award, Hazeldene Chicken Farm and Sealed Air; and the Sustainable Packaging Special Award, Woolworths Australia, Lewis Road Creamery, and Pact Group.

During the Virtual 2020 WorldStar Packaging Awards ceremony, the World Packaging Organisation will recognise two Lifetime Achievement in Packaging Award winners including  Joe Foster FAIP, managing director at OF Packaging Australia and Keith Pearson, former general secretary of WPO, South Africa.

The winners come from 14 countries: Singapore, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Netherlands, USA, Finland, Brazil, Lebanon, Turkey, United Kingdom, China, and South Africa.

The World Packaging Organisation will run the ceremony twice on the same day to ensure that every winner from around the world has the ability to join the event. New Zealanders wanting to attend have the opportunity to choose either the 8.00am ceremony or the 5.00pm ceremony.

Organisers have split the ceremony into two parts so participants can dial in either all the ceremony, or just the part that will showcase categories of interest. The World Packaging Organisation will send further details on when the categories will run.

If you wish to attend please send Rachel Bayswater an email rache[email protected] with your name, company and email details.

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