Total Supply has signed a deal with Australian company Stick on Signs to distribute Dimense 3D printing technology in New Zealand.

Cameron Harris, general manager at Total Supply, says, “This is something different to run of the mill large format printing. It has multiple applications in feature walls, children’s bedrooms, corporate office space. We can’t wait to bring it to the New Zealand market.”

Dimense wide format 3D printing technology makes printing of 1-1.5 mm high structure with water based latex inks on the PVC-free substrates possible.

The company has developed a set of print substrates that it calls Dimense media. The substrate consists of two layers: non-woven in the back and a patented PVC-free phthalate-free Ecodeco composition on the top. Under certain temperature in the printer, the top layer of the media foams and expands by 1mm-1.5mm.

However, in areas where structural ink is applied, it stays flat. Dimense says that, in this way, it can control the thickness of Dimense media and create a distinctive structure for every print.

Structural ink itself is transparent and it can be printed with CMYK inks. So you can print picture and structure in one step, as well as print structure without colour.

Dimense says the basic principle of structure creation is that the media stays flat in areas where structural ink is printed, while the rest of the surface expands.

In addition, the structure and motif can be matched to each other, or the structure may be completely different than the picture itself; it depends on the designer’s creativity.

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Dimense at PacPrint

The Dimense solution comprises the Dimensor S roll to roll printer, seven types of media (matt, pearl, suede, gold, silver, chameleon, Media Plus) and water based latex inks.

The Dimensor S roll to roll printer consists of two major components: an inkjet printer and calander.

Harris adds, “Visitors to PacPrint can see the Dimensor S in action on the Dimense Stand H18. For any enquiries, please email me on

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