Epson will display the SureColor V7000 flatbed printer at PacPrint 2022 in Melbourne.

The SureColor V7000 builds on the success of Epson’s award-winning SureColor S-Series range of signage printers. The company says the printer delivers flexible production with outstanding image quality and a reduced running cost.

Epson adds that the flatbed will print on a range of substrates including paper, film, CorefluteTM, vinyl, canvas, aluminium and acrylic. Applications include signage, POS/POP, premium packaging, décor, custom cabinetry and even fine art.

The SureColor V7000 flatbed printer incorporates eight Epson MicroPiezo printheads. Each head features 1,440 microfine nozzles with variable size dots as small as 4 pl. it uses the new 10-colour Ultrachrome UV ink set. You can apply white and varnish as spot colours for enhanced detail and finish.

Vacuum system

Offering a 1.25 m x 2.5 m print area, the SC-V7000 supports media up to 80 mm thick and 50 kilogrammes per square metre. It features a vacuum system with four independently adjustable zones for flexible operation. Integrated layout pins and a height sensor on the head carriage assist with media setting. An ioniser aids with reliable and consistent output. The designers have mounted the print heads in a staggered array that enables up to three layers to be applied in a single pass (White + Colour + Varnish).

Epson calls the SureColor V7000 flatbed printer cost-effective to install and efficient to run. The company supplies it with Epson Edge Print RIP software and Flatbed Controller software. Operators can manage it from the desktop using Epson Edge Dashboard. It also supports Epson’s new Cloud Solution Port service.

Key features of the SC-V7000:

• Supports media up to 80 mm thick
• 1.25 x 2.5 m bed with multi-zone vacuum
• Integrated ioniser and media height sensor
• 8c + White + Varnish UltraChrome UV ink set
• Outstanding colour accuracy, gamut and gradation
• Quality to suit the most demanding applications including fine art
• Production up to 15 m2/hr with up to three ink layers in a single pass
• On-site CoverPlus up to five years with periodic maintenance included
• Ships with Epson Edge Print software and Epson Cloud Solution Port service

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