Jet Technologies has reported customers’ success with Encore films. The company recently announced the successful implementation of its Encore range of recycled content BOPP films in partnership with two Australian labels companies: Impact Labels and Ultra Labels.

Both companies have endorsed Encore films for their exceptional performance and sustainable benefits, marking a significant step forward in recycle-ready packaging solutions.

Brisbane-based Impact Labels, an Australian-owned and operated player in the label production industry since 2006, has used Jet’s Encore range for the past six months.

Harry McFadyen, production manager at Impact Labels, says, “Our clients have been asking for an environmental solution for some time and we decided to trial Jet’s range of Encore films. We found the performance both on-press and at the point of label application to be equal to the previously supplied laminates.

“The choice was easy to move all our laminated work to the Encore range in order to offer a more sustainable solution for laminated products.”

Ultra Labels, another leading Australian-owned label and flexible packaging manufacturer operating out of Brisbane and the Barossa Valley, has used Encore films for more than a year.

Johnny Marusic, production manager at Ultra Labels says, “Ultra Labels is known as a leading innovator in the label and digital flexible packaging space. Our clients expect that we use the most sustainable products in our production.

“We have found the Encore recycled film to be even better than the old film, with zero rejected rolls and improved adhesion to our print. As a result, we have moved all our laminated work to the Encore range.”

Commitment to sustainability

Jet Technologies offers a diverse portfolio that includes traditional BOPP and PET films as well as innovative sensory options like Soft Touch and Rough Touch ranges. In recent years, the company has focused on sustainability, striving to provide genuine solutions that meet the changing regulatory landscape and consumer expectations.

Jack Malki, director at Jet Technologies, says, “As a leader in the Australian and New Zealand print and packaging sectors for over 30 years, Jet Technologies takes pride being a pioneer in the films market.

“We see the introduction of the Encore range as a testament to our dedication to sustainability. Encore films contain a significant percentage of recycled content, helping to work towards meeting the APCO 2025 targets of initially 30 per cent and now 50 per cent recycled content in all plastic used in Australia.

“The challenge of sourcing high-quality recycled resin that meets strict standards has been met with the Encore range.

“Initially introduced with a minimum of 20 per cent post-industrial recycled content, this figure was quickly upgraded to 30 per cent, with ISCC Plus certification ensuring compliance. Recently, the inclusion of post-consumer waste resins has further enhanced the sustainability of Encore films.”

He adds that that Encore films offer the same quality and performance as traditional films, at virtually the same price, providing an easy transition for clients towards more sustainable practices. He says, “This initiative reflects a commitment to honest, incremental progress in sustainability, as recommended by a long-standing client in Tasmania who advised: ‘Do not greenwash your products, please be honest and upfront with the details. Small steps in the right direction are better than false steps’.

“The future of sustainable packaging looks promising with Encore films. As more high-quality recycled resins become available, the percentage of recycled content in Encore films will continue to increase, supporting printers and brand owners in achieving APCO targets.”

He concludes, “Encore films represent a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the print and packaging industries.”

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