Siegwerk’s packaging ink series Uninature has won Packaging Europe’s Sustainability Awards 2022.

The sustainable ink solution with a high bio-renewable content won the Renewable Materials category. In addition, judges named it the “Most Sustainable Innovation”.

The awards attracted 360 entries from across the global packaging value chain. It announced the winners last week at the Sustainable Packaging Summit, in Lisbon, Portugal.
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Christopher van Laack, vice president for business units paper and board at Siegwerk, says, “It is such an honour to be recognized as two-time winner at this year’s Sustainability Awards.

“Being selected as winner in the Renewable Materials category is a great success for our Uninature series. Also, being awarded the ‘Most Sustainable Innovation’ at the same time is a remarkable triumph for us. It shows once again that we are on the right track to significantly drive the development of sustainable packaging.”

“Siegwerk invests a lot of time to bring forward-looking solutions to life that enable the design of circular packaging solutions. From research and development through raw material sourcing and industrialisation to application technology and sales, there are many teams involved to successfully roll out a new series to the market.

“Our thanks go to all Siegwerkers who helped making Uninature a reality. All your hard work is now paying off. You can be proud for achieving this major milestone on our journey to actively promoting packaging circularity.

Siegwerk’s packaging ink series

Uninature, Siegwerk’s packaging ink series, is a sustainable water-based ink range for paper and board applications. Siegwerk says it is formulated with natural components. As a result, it partly replaces fossil carbon with bio-renewable carbon. The company adds this concretely contributes to defossilisation in the sense of a circular economy

Siegwerk says Uninature incorporates up to 50 per cent renewable carbon content. It says this is up to nine times more compared to standard water-based inks. Therefore it provides an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional inks, according to Siegewerk. Also, it does not impact the recyclability of paper and board packaging and contributes to reducing micro-plastics in inks. A combination of natural and conventional resins, from bio-sourced monomers, allows customers to quickly change to Unnature. It requires no adjustments to the existing processes, such as speed and colour matching.

Furthermore, the sustainable ink range comes along with excellent ink performance, according to the company. It adds that colour strengths offer similar levels of resistance as current water-based technologies. Siegwerk says it offers an improved ink stability and lower VOC content. Also, it enables high printing speeds on coated and uncoated papers. Uninature has application for corrugated board boxes, trays, displays, fast food packaging, sacks, bags, cups and wraps. It supports various printing applications whilst meeting market and regulatory standards.

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