Screen and Italian book finishing manufacturer Meccanotecnica are teaming up to launch on-demand production of premium quality books.

The production will use Screen’s Equios universal workflow and roll-fed full-color high-speed inkjet press, the Truepress Jet520HD, integrated along with Meccanotecnica’s automatic book folding and sewing machine, the Universe Sewing Digital print finisher.

Peter Scott, managing director, Screen Australia, says, “Section-sewing of bookblocks for hard cover binding is recognised as the most robust way to finish quality books for durability and appearance.

“By integrating Meccanotecnica’s folding and book sewing technology with Equios workflow, an automated end-to end production line is possible using barcodes to carry the required information through the workflow to finishing.”

Screen says the Truepress Jet520HD with SC inks achieves quality suited to high-end publication work and is compatible with a wide range of paper stocks including standard offset coated papers. The latest version, 3.4, of Equios provides roll-to-book imposition and variable barcode output functions that support automation with Meccanotecnica’s Universe Sewing Digital print finisher.

Scott adds, “Now that high-definition inkjet digital printing is possible with the Truepress Jet520HD and Screen SC inks, short-run digital printing has moved up to a new level where high-quality finishing is called for.

“Meccanotecnica is a leading vendor of automatic book sewing equipment, and our collaboration has enabled the automation of a process that provides durability and quality. The digital on-demand creation of books now offers quality and productivity levels that far exceed standard digital printing.”a

Meccanotecnica was founded in 1964 and claims to be the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic book sewing equipment and lines for book finishing. The company has entered the digital print finishing market through developing new solutions to allow cost-effective binding of short runs and the production of high-quality books.

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