Two years after completing its merger, Ryobi Mitsubishi has announced it will exhibit at drupa 2016 under the banner Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology or RMGT.

Along with the new logo and initials, the company has adopted the corporate message of “Irodori — Colouring the World Together.”Yuzuru Ichimasa, president of RMGT, says, “Going forward, we remain committed to expanding our product lineup and strengthening our development, manufacturing, sales and service capabilities.

The company’s press line-up now encompasses former Mitsubishi sheet-fed models in the B1 and larger size formats, together with previous Ryobi sheet-fed models in the A1 and smaller size formats. David Taylor, general manager of RMGT supplier Cyber New Zealand, says, “This is a win-win for RMGT and our clients. The company now offers the complete range of presses and will expand further into digital hybrid printing, which offers our customers more options for their businesses. And we continue the service back-up we are proud of; giving service by New Zealanders for New Zealanders. We are already servicing existing Mitsubishi presses with praise coming on our quick turnaround spares service.”

RMGT will use drupa to introduce its new symbol mark, new corporate message, and a line-up of printing equipment featuring three press models: the RMGT 10, 1,050 mm format offset press (pictured above) and RMGT 9, A1-size offset press, both with an LED-UV curing; and the RMGT DP7, B2-size liquid toner type digital offset press, jointly developed with Miyakoshi Printing Machinery.

It will focus on customers’ key issues, highlighting new technologies and solutions for handling a variety of work ranging from commercial printing to package printing on heavy stock.

The RMGT 10, 1,050 mm format press, a six-colour model compatible with a range of stock from 0.04mm to 1.0mm. The RMGT 9 A1-size press, an eight-colour model with a convertible perfecting device will demonstrate one-pass full-colour perfecting using an LED-UV curing unit. New features on both models include a large-screen display enabling the operator to monitor printing quality and operating status from the delivery section and the an inline printing quality control system

The company says the RMGT 10 1050mm format offset press can perform non-stop printing on heavy stock thanks to a newly developed automatic non-stop feeder and delivery shutter. It is also equipped with a chamber coater, and demonstrations will feature varnish coating using an LED-UV curing unit, which allows enhancement such as spot coating and chemical embossing.

The RMGT 9, A1-size press has two LED-UV curing units, one over the perfecting device and the other at the delivery section, enable one-pass instant-curing perfecting. It has a fully automatic simultaneous plate changer for reduced make ready time down to 75 seconds, be it one colour or 10.

The company says its RMGT DP7, B2-size liquid toner type digital offset press will show the advantages of a digital offset press that can flexibly meet the need of custom print production for small runs.

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