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The new 3M print wrap film and overlaminate offer shorter installation times

3M has introduced a new print wrap film and overlaminate for commercial vehicles.

The new 3M Print Wrap Film IJ280 with 3M Gloss Wrap Overlaminate 8428G offer shorter installation times.

Scott Wheaton, 3M global portfolio leader for digital print films, says the new solution saves time. He says, “At 3M, we’re committed to developing innovative graphic solutions that provide outstanding aesthetics. Inaddition, they are easy to work with and exceed industry expectations.

“Our new 3M Print Wrap Film IJ280 delivers on print quality, durability and conformability. Further, it reduces labour costs by minimising rework. Therefore, our customers can expect a stronger bottom line.”

Wrap with less effort

The company says it created the new solution to make an impact in both installation and performance. 3M says it the new combination 8428G delivers exceptional ease of use, leading to faster installations with less rework. As a result, installers can wrap commercial vehicles confidently and with less effort. So, every installation can be completed quickly and correctly, according to 3M.

The company lists the benefits of the new products:
Preferred by installers globally.
Up to 20 percent faster to install.
Two times less likely to lift.
Conforms with less heat.
Outstanding print quality.
3M Comply v4 Air Release designed for max airflow and smooth results.
Proprietary adhesive offers optimised initial tack, slide and repositionability.
Removes cleanly at end of life with heat.
Backed globally by the 3M MSC warranty.

3M calls the industry faced paced, and demanding creative ideas, bold designs and flawless installations. It says, therefore graphic manufacturers and installers need access to best in class tools that can exceed expectations. As a result, they can ensure customer satisfaction, while still achieving maximum return on investment. 3M has more than 30 years in the graphics industry. It says it recognises the importance of designing films that not only look impressive on the road, but are easier to install, offer exceptional conformability and lift less.

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