Fiery has partnered with Esko and Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) to provide inkjet press manufacturers with a digital print solution for packaging.

The companies add that the collaboration leverages over 75 years of combined digital experience to deliver pre-integrated solutions and standardised components from all three companies. They say this best-of breed solution helps accelerate the analogue to digital transition by reducing development time for press manufacturers, enabling them to swiftly introduce innovative printing solutions to better meet converter and packaging producer needs.

Toby Weiss, chief executive at Fiery, says, “Fiery, Esko, and GIS joining forces provides press manufacturers with a hassle-free, readyto-go, end-to-end solution.

“This partnership marks a pivotal moment where our collaboration and expertise converge to redefine what’s possible in digital printing. We’re proud to come together to set the standard for excellence in digital technology, empowering our customers to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and agility.”

The companies says that Esko has a proven track record of managing prepress and colour needs across existing plants, including analogue and digital production. Solutions include ArtPro+, Automation Engine, ArtiosCAD, and Phoenix. These digitise, connect, automate, and accelerate the concept to market processes for packaged products. They say that Esko solutions enable packaging production for 9 out of 10 major brands. Customers can add digital capabilities to existing analogue workflows.

Together, Esko and Fiery have co-developed a new colour workflow, configurable based on customer needs. Customers can choose either Esko Color Engine (fully integrated into Fiery Impress) or Fiery’s colour management workflow, which includes Fiery Edge profiling technology, Fiery Spot Pro, and Fiery Color Profiler Suite. This flexible approach helps ease the integration of digital capabilities into flexo shops, and delivers exceptional brand colour accuracy, whether matching industry standards or customizing to client brand specifications.

Joël Depernet, president, Esko, says, “Our customers need innovative, integrated technology to meet time to market and print quality. And now, we can present a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that packages a best-in-class combination of prepress workflow, colour management choices, DFE technology, and printhead controls.”

Fiery says us digital front end (DFE) Fiery Impress is a flexible, scalable solution designed exclusively to support industrial inkjet production. Fiery Impress allows packaging producers to respond to changing market demands, from one-off proofs and versions to short runs to the longest runs supported on press.

The companies say that combining Fiery’s DFE technology with Esko’s expertise in workflow automation and supply chain colour management offers a single solution, enabling press manufacturers to provide a streamlined user experience that optimises production from job creation to final output, ensuring a seamless transition from analogue to digital.

Printhead and machine control GIS offers printhead electronic systems to deliver colour ink anywhere throughout the job at speed with accuracy. The company says its high-performance electronics and core software enable seamless configuration with leading printheads from Epson, Fujifilm Dimatix, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, and Xaar, as well as ink delivery systems compatible with all leading suppliers. Combined with the Atlas Ready integration programme it delivers industrial inkjet machine control and diagnostics.

Fiery Impress streams Ripped data directly to GIS printhead electronics for press productivity. Fiery says that any press manufacturer who chooses GIS printhead electronics will have plug-and-play, streaming connectivity to Fiery Impress on day one. The companies add that the GIS advanced printhead control systems combined with Fiery Impress ensure exceptional colour consistency and uniformity, and, with Esko’s inspection technology, product quality is guaranteed in every print.

Steve Williamson, general manager at GIS, says, “GIS advanced printhead control systems with the Fiery Impress DFE and an Esko prepress workflow provides the ultimate flexibility, scalability, and customisability to meet any customer requirement.

“We are delighted to join forces to offer a combined inkjet development technology platform to reduce time to market for press manufacturers, builders, and OEMs.”

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