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The portfolio offfers a complete suite of software solutions that will make customers more efficient

Currie Group has been recently accredited as the first EFI Fiery for Display Graphics Premier Partner in the region.

Further strengthening the partnership between EFI and Currie Group, this programme ultimately benefits the wide format customer base by way of additional support and expertise.

As a Fiery for Display Graphics Premier Partner, Currie Group is now listed on EFI’s website so customers can easily locate it. Just select our region to see us there. As part of the programme, Currie Group was required to complete sales and technical training for the entire line-up of Fiery display graphics products.

Contact Currie Group for more information or visit the Currie Group website

Chris Schowalter, global sales director – Fiery for Display Graphics, says, “We are very proud to have Currie Group joining the Premier Partner programme. They quickly met all our criteria achieving the highest-level accreditation for Fiery Display Graphics Products. They are a trusted partner and doing a great job supporting all our customers in the region. Now our partnership is even stronger, and we can together keep our customers happy and loyal.”

Suite of solutions

premier partner in the
Paul Whitehead

The portfolio has grown beyond the EFI Fiery XF and Fiery proServer itself. There is a complete suite of software solutions that will make customers more efficient, including Fiery JobFlow for prepress automation, Fiery Prep-It for true shape nesting, and Fiery IQ for display graphics that will help customers better manage their fleet, even across multiple locations, by providing real time operational data via the cloud.

Paul Whitehead, Currie Group Business Unit manager – Sign & Display, says, “Currie Group is committed to becoming the leading supplier in both the Australian and New Zealand Sign and Display markets. EFI hardware was only the first step, and now we are excited to add the Fiery for Display Graphics software to our portfolio.

“Becoming an accredited Fiery Display Graphics Premier Partner ensures we can support both our EFI customers to a greater level, whilst also providing a full suite of workflow support to customers that utilise printers from other manufacturers.”

The various components of the Fiery for Display Graphics software suite:

Fiery XF 7

Fiery XF7 is the easiest way to achieve superior colour results, gain maximum productivity and profit from business insights with EFI Fiery Command WorkStation digital print job management. It is a workflow solution that caters to different job types and makes it easy to automate repeat jobs and repetitive tasks.

Fiery Prep-It

Fiery Prep-It is a print-for-cut preparation software. It is an easy to use solution for the preparation, layout and automated production of print for cut jobs, which is likely most of the jobs customers are producing, according to Currie Group. It can save them hours of prepress time and dramatically decrease media usage with efficient true shape nesting, as you can see from the graphic below.

Alternative means of true shape nesting either involve longer preparation times or excessive use of media or both, when compared to Fiery Prep-It.

Fiery JobFlow

Fiery JobFlow automates job preparation steps in prepress workflows to produce ready-to-print files. This easy to use print workflow automation software increases productivity and reduces costs. With its easy to build workflows, users can use it for automated image enhancement and automation, file submission and archiving, integration with other workflows for intelligent job routing and much more. The JobFlow mantra is Don’t touch what you can automate.

EFI IQ for Display Graphics

EFI IQ, a cloud-based application, provides the data analytics that help owners and managers make smart decisions. It can provide answers to questions such as:

• How well is my shop running today?
• How much ink did we consume in the last quarter?
• Is there a disruption in my shop I need to know about?
• How well are my printers being utilised?

By gaining real time access to the answers to these questions and more, owners and managers can quickly adapt to get things back on track, whether it needs additional operator training, better inventory management, scaling up production capacity, or any other action to ensure a smooth and profitable operation.

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