Pledge for the Planet
Taya groups says that Kavalan can make in the wide format banner industry

Taya Groups has launched the Kavalan PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet, a call to action for environmental change.

The Kavalan PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet is a video highlighting the prevalence of greenwashing. In addition, it shows how the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) process can help substantiate these claims.

Stark Digital supplies Kavalan solutions in New Zealand.

Vincent Lin, vice president, Taya Groups, says, “This is a declaration of intent that says ‘enough is enough’. Our video reflects the huge amount of research and analysis completed on our Kavalan range of PVC-free products. So, it enables us to detail how much difference Kavalan can make in the wide format banner industry.

“Not only that, it paints a highly insightful and at times shocking picture of how severe an environmental threat we’re facing. Further, it helps us understand how knowing the facts and fighting disinformation can help the industry to protect our planet more effectively.

“Products claim to be ‘100 percent recycled’, ‘eco-friendly’, ‘sustainable’, ‘recyclable’ or ‘zero-waste’. How do we know we are getting the full story?”

Environmental impact

The video addresses the severity of the climate crisis. It discusses how the wide format industry can play a part in the crucial effort to reduce the effects. Taya Groups says it contains hard-hitting facts on the realities of our everyday environmental impact.

Steve Lister, global retail sustainability strategist, also features in the video. He explains the LCA process and its usefulness in eradicating misleading statements, for example replacing them with verified data. Also, the video also highlights Taya’s green leadership in the creation of the Kavalan eco calculator.

Lin concludes, “In addition to global warming, Kavalan’s LCA process shows PVC film has a devastating impact on the environment, for instance, air pollution, ecosystems, biodiversity decline, and resource scarcity.”

Some key points from the Kavalan PVC-Free Pledge for the Planet

•       Manufacturing PVC banners can use up to five times more freshwater in production than manufacturing PVC-free materials.

•       Freshwater demand already outstrips supply. Under current trends, demand for water will exceed supply by 40 percent by 2030.

•       Replacing PVC banner equivalents in Europe with Kavalan could save enough freshwater for almost 4 million people for a year.

•       10,000 sqm of Kavalan Spiderweb300 would save the carcinogenic equivalent of 10.4 million packs of cigarettes.

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