partnership with Ressponsible Wood
Responsible Wood manages the PEFC certification system in New Zealand and Australia

The Real Media Collective (TRMC) has announced a partnership with Responsible Wood.

The standard development organisation manages the PEFC certification system in Australia and New Zealand.

TRMC holds the regional licence for Two Sides. It promotes the environmental credentials of paper and print products across Australia and New Zealand. It announced earlier this year the Two Sides campaign would extend in 2022 to a consumer campaign, Love Paper.

Kellie Northwood, chief executive at The Real Media Collective, says, “It is in support of these two campaigns that Responsible Wood has determined strong industry support and partnership with the industry body.

“As an industry we are one of the highest certified manufacturing industries with a very strong environmental record. For example, paper, our largest raw material, is renewable, recyclable and sourced from sustainably managed forests.

“Our industry, and TRMC, supports sustainably managed forestry both locally and internationally. This ensures reforestation, sustainable employment, and eradication of illegal logging practices. Working in partnership with organisations like Responsible Wood is a wonderful opportunity for our campaigns. Also, our members will have access to a global brand and resource library.”

Programme Reviews

The partnership will include an initial focus on campaign content, research and promotion across mutually beneficial audiences. Furthermore, it will amplify the messages of Two Sides and Love Paper to wider audiences.

In the new year, TRMC will complete a certification review of schemes and other programmes. It will build educational sessions with commercial print members to reduce costs and procedures managing certification processes.

Simon Dorries, chief executive officer, Responsible Wood, says, “Responsible Wood has long worked with many common members of TRMC. This includes working with the Two Sides campaign locally and internationally. Furthermore, we are committed to the opportunity to support the Love Paper campaign and build a stronger partnership with the paper and print sector. As a result, we look forward to working closer together on various initiatives.”

Responsible Wood, TRMC executives and board officers met this month to provide overview to approach, including COP26 Deforestation commitments. Across Australia and New Zealand, these commitments support the local planted forestry economy in the 90-100 per cent sustainably sourced forestry industry. The organisations will communicate industry positions to government to ensure an accurate representation of the sector.

In conclusion, Northwood says, “Following COP26, TRMC has met with several industry leaders. TRMC is preparing a strong carbon emissions, energy and deforestation education, communication, and toolkit strategy for our members. Therefore, it is critical as a large manufacturing energy consumer, that our industry is well prepared and informed to be ahead of any government targets and commitments.”

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