P5 350 HS press
Durst call its P5 350 HS printer the most productive hybrid printer in the market

Italian manufacturer Durst has unveiled a new high speed printer, the Durst P5 350 HS press.

The new press prints at 600 square metres per minute, twice the speed of its predecessor. Its launch formed part of a broader launch of a range of new products from Durst. These solutions target increased productivity through automation and innovation.

Matt Ashman, managing director of Durst Oceania, says, “The new P5 350 HS is a triumph of innovation and real world functionality. I am proud to bring these devices to the Oceanic region in 2021.”

Click here to see Ashman discussing the benefits the new press delivers,

Durst says speed enhancements of the new P5 350 HS make it the most productive hybrid printer in the market. The new model includes the same features of its P5 350. The company says its ability to use multi-roll and multi-track 6 option makes in even more versatile. It can also be configured with up to nine colour channels including light colours and white, and varnish for special multilayer printing applications. These include ‘Day & Night’, ‘In & Out, and up to 12 layers hapt-printing.

Christian Harder, Durst Group global sales director, Graphics Segment, said, “The launch of our latest family Durst P5 member, the P5 350 HS, is an important statement of our firm commitment to continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the large format market. It’s among a raft of innovations that we have unveiled to the market as part of our Pixel to Output strategy.

“Customers are demanding all-in-one solutions, which we provide as we move towards becoming a complete solution provider. In an integrated world, printers need to change as well. And we’ll help them on that journey through hardware, software, inks and collaborations.”

New Durst innovations

The company also released its new Automat inline feeding technology, an enhanced Durst software offering, and a full LED ink portfolio. It announced a new partnership which enables the use of Durst Workflow on non-Durst printers. This new partnership with PrintFactory allows Durst to access PrintFactory’s API software. Durst says this makes it easy to manage a mix of print environments.

The Durst Automat, fully automated inline board feeding and stacking solution, can integrate with the new P5 350 HS. It uses two lanes for increased productivity and speed. The new press handles board sizes up to 3.5 metres wide and 2.2 metres long with a loading capacity of 90 centimetres. It requires only a single operator, thanks to its sliding registration tables. Comfortable access to the roll tool enables fast material changes.

Durst will commence installations of the Durst P5 350 HS with Durst Automat next year.

The company also released a new inkset, a hybrid ink suitable for a wide variety of roll-to-roll and board media. Durst calls this an example of a future proof ink, for loading into Durst’s full portfolio of LED printers. It company says it has built its workflow in line with its end-to-end thinking for 360-degree business solutions aimed at the Smart Factory concept to streamline production and processes. Durst adds that Durst Smart Shop, Workflow, Analytics, Lift ERP, and now Durst Automat push the boundaries of automation and innovation. Durst Professional Services provides consultancy and integration. It forms part of Durst’s Pixel to Output strategy.

Christoph Gamper, chief executive and co-owner of Durst Group, says, “We’re looking forward to the future. I am confident that in 2021 the economy will recover and, in some fields, be even stronger than before. So we will continue what we do best: innovating with passion. In 2019, we launched the P5 platform and we now have more than 100 systems around the globe. This is a great achievement, so a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of our customers, partners and our great Durst team members across the world.”

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