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Dave Fellman has previously run sales courses across New Zealand and Australia

Sales and marketing specialist Dave Fellman will run an online print sales training event this month.

The regular New Zealand Printer Magazine contributor will present The Art of Printing Sales, an industry-specific three-part online sales training event. It will run on November 9, November 16 and November 30 respectively. Fellman, a regular visitor to these shores, has previously run programmes across New Zealand and Australia.

Fespa Australia and New Zealand Printer sister magazine Australian Printer have combined to run the event. Nigel Davies, president of Fespa Australia says, “With so much having changed in the print marketplace, the time has come for printers to rethink every element of how the industry approaches sales, including what it takes to be successful, now and into the future.

Dave Fellman

“All companies can benefit from better sales performance. So we are delighted that Dave will deliver this much needed webinar series. Whether sales is your full-time job, or just one of many hats you wear, it is easy to get sidetracked and lose focus. Every sale counts. I believe attending these webinars will enable you to learn how to approach printing sales systematically. From this, you can make the most from every opportunity that comes your way.”

Strategy explained

The first event will explore prospecting strategy and technique. It will offer strategies to avoid price objections or to deal with them more effectively. Fellman will describe a modern approach to prospecting, integrating email, voice mail, social media, and virtual meeting technology. This creates the necessary dialogue for a successful sales relationship.

He will explain how to avoid common mistakes salespeople make. These can make price objections more likely. However, Fellman will also explain three key elements of successful negotiation, where objections arise.

Davies adds, “This year has been challenging for our industry. The transition to virtual association events has been difficult but necessary. thank the Sprinter and Australian Printer team for helping Fespa Australia to deliver this event.

“Virtual events may lack the atmosphere of a live event, but they are more convenient and accessible. Dave Fellman is a polished and entertaining presenter. I believe that attendees will enjoy the course and take away valuable tools to use in their businesses.”

Click here for details on course content, cost and registration.

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