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Fujifilm showed six new machines on its booth at Fespa

Fujifilm has introduced a range of products at Fespa including the new Acuity Prime L flatbed printer.

The company showed six new machines on its booth. David Burton, Fujifilm UK’s commercial director, announced the new technology offerings. He said it marks a “substantial change in direction” for the company as it shifts to a closer focus on manufacturing using Japanese style techniques.

The Acuity Prime series utilises Ricoh’s Generation 5 printheads, while the new Ultra range features Kyocera heads.

A 3.2m by 2m LED UV flatbed, the Acuity Prime L prints at 202 square metres per hour. It uses six vacuum zones and 16 media location pins. In adition, its offers the ability to print side by side jobs with its dual zone function.

Anda Baboi, marketing manager for Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems says, “The Acuity Prime series, when we launched it last year, represented both a next step and a new start for Fujifilm. We’re delighted to be adding to the versatility of the range with the Prime L. Fespa is the perfect place to showcase what it can do.

“Like the Prime 20 and 30, it’s built on our knowledge and expertise. At the same time, it’s something fundamentally new. It offers a new blueprint for wide format with unbeatable standards of performance. Also, it delivers exceptional value, versatility, ease of use, and the best return on investment available on the market.”

Hybrid launch

Also launched, the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED, part of the Acuity Ultra family. Fujifilm says the launch marks its first foray into the high end wide format hybrid. This unit, a 3.3m printer prints at speeds up to 218 square metres per hour with print resolution up to 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi.

Kevin Jenner, marketing manager for Fujifilm Wide format Inkjet Systems Europe, says, “Our ‘new blueprint for wide format’, announced last year is our answer to industry demand for greater flexibility, ease of use and better return on investment.

“Our all-new Fujifilm Acuity range, built to that new blueprint concept, has been designed to offer exceptional performance and unbeatable value, and the Acuity Ultra Hybrid LED is the latest evidence of Fujifilm’s commitment to the continued development of this range to meet changing market needs. Fujifilm has combined its expertise, built up over decades developing exceptional flatbed and roll-to-roll platforms, to design a new wide format hybrid platform that will set a new standard in price and performance and offer exceptional versatility.”

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