Domino has launched the F720i, an addition to its range of high performance, high speed fibre lasers designed to deliver clear, legible and durable codes on to aluminium cans.
Jon Hall, laser product marketing manager for Domino, says, “At Domino, we are continually looking to set new industry standards with our laser coding technology, and the introduction of the F720i continues to stretch the boundaries of innovation to deliver ever greater operational efficiencies for our customers.”
The company says the F720i can maintain continuous output in harsh, humid and temperature-challenging production environments of up to 45⁰C. It applies standard codes at a rate of 90,000 cans per hour and has the capability to deliver complex codes and promotional data of more than 60 characters at a rate of 42,000 cans per hour, according to Domino, which adds that this new solution can maintain these speeds and quality of output even on the concave surfaces of the can bases.
The F720i generates a highly focused beam, distributed in short intense pulses resulting in an increase of the marking speed. Domino says it creates characters with greater resistance to vibrations or water condensation, limiting downtime and eliminating waste through lost production.
Hall adds, “The F720i not only meets current coding demands within the beverage canning sector, it also provides the flexibility to cater to future customer requirements. These include even faster production speeds, more intricate and detailed promotional marketing codes, as well as meeting key legislative requirements for clear, legible and long lasting characters.”

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