Fujifilm Business Innovation New Zealand (FBNZ) has announced a new digital print workflow automation solution: Revoria XMF PressReady.

Described as a simple yet flexible solution, Revoria XMF PressReady handles print jobs from various inputs such as web-to-print, print management information systems (MIS), and customer-supplied PDF files. Its designers say the solution manages the various job requests tied to the respective digital presses with speed and precision.

FBNZ says that the new solution automates processes and streamlines production, saving valuable time and minimising errors.

The company adds that increasing demands for customisation, shorter runs, and faster turnaround time for smaller print jobs mean that print businesses need workflow solutions that keep up with such dynamic requirements. FBNZ sees a pressing need for solutions to enable process automation to streamline production and increase work efficiency.

The company lists the solution’s benefits to print companies:

Intelligent Process Automation

Revoria XMF PressReady enables automation of labour intensive and repetitive tasks by presetting repress processes with pre-defined conditions. This allows press operators to concentrate on other crucial aspects of the production process. FBNZ says this results in increased efficiency and reduced manual intervention. Tailoring the software to suit the specific operations of each customer allows for flexible and swift handling of multiple products, small print runs, and quick turnaround times.

Centralised printer and job management

Operators using Revoria XMF PressReady can manage both job requests and printers’ status on a unified platform. It facilitates real time monitoring of a job’s status so print companies can make the most of print job management efficiencies. Additionally, by centralising the oversight of each printer, companies need fewer operator visits and checks individual devices, improving overall work efficiency.

Hybrid digital and offset print production

Revoria XMF PressReady integrates with the Fujifilm Workflow XMF systems so print businesses can effectively manage both offset and digital print production within one workflow.

Easy integration with Revoria flow print server

Together with the Revoria Flow Print Server, Revoria XMF PressReady offers a powerful platform to automate the flow of print jobs from order intake to final printed product.

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