A fourth supreme award win, with a piece called Touchy Feely, has Logick Print on top at this year’s Pride In Print Awards.

The country’s premier awards took place on Friday night at Christchurch’s new Te Pae events centre attracting a larger than expected audience of industry professionals and supporters.

Touchy Feely also won the Business Print Category. B&F Papers commissioned the work, a promotional pocket book of embellished stocks. Judges called it “an extremely-complex and multi-faceted exhibition of promotional print work”.

David Gick, founder and director of Logick Print, commented on how the company’s small committed team embraced the considerable challenges in the brief to illustrate to the industry “what can be done” on the particularly-textured range of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified stocks.

He said, “We’re happy to work with people who believe we can push the boundaries and we certainly did that with that job. We have built that history over a number of years and they have seen the work that we’ve produced and how we have progressed it. I’d like to say now there is the trust that if we can say we can go to that next level, they have the confidence that we can produce it.”

He explained how the job presented the opportunity to break new boundaries and “not just produce the same old, same old. With it being a promotional piece, we were able to show Foilco foils to the market and say, ‘Hey, there is a little bit of different inspiration here’.

“We made sure the deboss was out of this world and the same with the emboss with a solid black cover. Also, we made sure that what we did, we did very, very well. We didn’t just want to produce the same techniques and do it as usual; we wanted to push it as far as we could go.”

Logick has received “amazing comments” from the principal client and partners involved in the project. He continued, “They have been particularly impressed with the foiling, debossing and embossing being perfectly executed without damaging the texture of the paper.

“From a print-buyer’s perspective, it’s all of those things that they look for in a job, especially with a heavily-textured and uncoated stock.”

The work has generated international interest. He said, “It is the first time that, with a promotion, we have had requests from overseas: Europe, the United States, Singapore and Asia. They wanted a copy and we sent those.

“What we do these days is about making sure it is a world-class job. This work has gone all around the world and to get that type of feedback shows we are pushing those boundaries.”

Print In Print judges said: “From a finishing point of view, there are not many jobs that encompass so many different embellishments, all in the one place, and they get them all completely right throughout

“This is a job that everyone who looks at it says how fantastic it is. There are foils, bright inks, perforating stamp work, binding, creasing and assembly. The whole thing is technically superb, sharp and beautiful.”

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