industry supplier Graph-Pak has
New to Oceania:: Graph-Pak will demonstrate APR solutions at PacPrint in Melbourne

Industry supplier Graph-Pak has confirmed its presence at PacPrint in Melbourne.

The company represents manufacturers like APR, D&K, Rollem USA and Busch. Tom Ralph, founder and managing director of Graph-Pak, looks forward to talking to industry professionals at the show.

He says, “During the pandemic, our partners have continued to evolve, develop and expand their ranges of equipment, systems and consumables. We are delighted to bring many of those new releases to the show for industry businesses to see, first-hand. These include box gluers, taping, laminating, banding and die-cutting solutions.”

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Introducing APR

APR Solutions will launch to the Oceania market at PacPrint. The company’s team of product experts will talk to visitors about its solutions. These include the Box Plus 2 compact hybrid folder gluer and three Athos taping machines for packaging and e-commerce operations.

Ralph explains, “The Box Plus 2 is a fully automatic machine for folding and gluing straight boxes and crash-lock bottom boxes and more. With three-point gluing, it can also be configured to handle envelopes, DVD wallets, folders, inserting paper and plastic cards, applying double-sided tape and tear tape, and more, making it a very versatile and profitable addition to any packaging operation.”

APR industrial tape application solutions on show will include the semi-automatic Athos which can apply tapes including TNT and PVC, to banner, acrylic, transfer, foams up to 3mm, Rissband and also tape VHB for automotive applications, to a huge range of supports, from paper and corrugated cardboard, to acrylic, PVC and plastic, wood and aluminium.

He adds, “The Mini Athos, as its name suggests, is a smaller model which is cost-effective and versatile entry-level solution to apply double-sided tapes including banner tapes, PVC, TNT, acrylic and transfer. The Athos Plus is a higher volume, higher speed option which efficiently applies double-sided, acrylic, foam, PVC and eTear tapes to any type of paper, cardboard, profiles, wood and aluminium.

“With a removable, fully-automatic feeder, it is ideal for even the longest runs of products. You can produce labels, bank notes, and it is still flexible enough to handle niche or multi-layered custom jobs by simply swapping to manual feed.”

D&K lamination

Graph-Pak will also showcase D&K lamination solutions including the Europa B2 system, based on the successful Jupiter range, and Neptune B3 model. Ralph says, “These compact and fully-automated models offer smooth, trouble-free processing of a wide range of sheet weights, with fully-automated operation, compact footprints and easy, PLC-controlled operation.

“The Europa is ideal for digital or litho output with a high-pile feeder to maximise efficiency on longer-run work. The speedy Neptune runs at up to 15 metres per minute for B3 work. Users can also choose to add features. These include extended feed tables or a rewind unit for foiling, to further extend flexibility.”

Rollem die-cutting

Digital, offset or label printers looking for a profitable die-cutting solution, can see the Insignia IS7H rotary die-cutter from Rollem USA in action. It features a maximum sheet size of 61 x 76cm and cutting thickness of 0.61mm.

Ralph says, “The Insignia IS7H uses flexible dies which clip into place and are pulled into position using magnets as the cylinder is rotated. It then releases them easily by simply reducing the strength of the magnetic field. This reduces makeready and changeover times to minutes, rather than hours. As a result, it is a a highly profitable solution for the increasing volume of short-run digital work. However, its robust construction mkaes it stable and reliable enough to handle even the longest runs.”

Busch paper banding

Graph-Pak will also show the Busch TB26 and TB39 table-top paper banding machines. These are two of Busch’s most popular models. Ralph says, “These machines can reliably handle even the most difficult work. Lightweight and portable, yet robust and reliable, these units can cater for a variety of production requirements. The offer efficient banding with coated kraft paper tape or, if required, with transparent polypropylene foil tape.

“The TB26 takes 20 and 30mm wide tape, and the TB39 40 and 50mm widths. Both models have sensor-controlled band feeding, are height-adjustable and can be operated by single-stroke release by button or foot pedal, or automatic sensor release. They feature easy to use digital displays, monitoring, error detection and electronic temperature control, with adjustable position stops standard on the TB 39 and optional on the smaller model. You can hook up both machines to customised reel stands with an 800m capacity. They handle even the longest runs with ease.”


As an industry supplier Graph-Pak has waited patiently to connect with industry members. PacPrint presents an ideal opportunity for suppliers and industry professionals to meet. Ralph concludes, “Most importantly, our Graph-Pak team looks forward to connecting with the industry, in-person. It’s been a long lead up to this show, but we can’t wait.”

Graph-Pak will be on Stand D08, just inside the entry doors at PacPrint. The show will co-locate with Visual Impact Melbourne and the Label & Packaging Expo. It runs at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from June 28 to July 1 this year.

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