Digital print giant HP has unveiled a range of new hardware and software at a customer event in the company’s headquarters in Israel.

Currie Group supplies HP Indigo in New Zealand and Australia. Phillip Rennel, sales and marketing director at Currie Group Australia attended the event.

HP launched its new Indigo 12000 HD Digital Press, and says that B2-sized press ‘surpasses offset quality’, using a new High Definition Imaging System, with 48 parallel laser beams and high screen sets up to 290lpi.

The company also launched the HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press for labels, it made the PageWide C500 for mainstream corrugated printing commercially available, it announced improvements to the Indigo 30000 folding carton press.

HP’s digital frone end technology will drive the new HP Indigo 6900: Production Pro for Indigo Labels and Packaging, which the company says features five times faster rip power. 

HP says, “The Indigo 12000 HD Digital Press doubles image resolution, delivering sharper print, enabling print service providers to surpass offset quality and open new digital possibilities in high-end commercial and photo applications.”

Having been tested at beta sites in Germany and Italy, HP is now starting commercial shipment of the press.

The labels and packaging focused Indigo 6900 Digital Press can produce high-resistance labels for food, household, chemical, and pharmaceuticals. Four beta sites are currently producing commercial jobs.

The HP Indigo 12000 HD also features ColorUP!, which delivers an extended colour gamut using colour profiles to expand the on-press colour gamut using additional hits of CMY inks.

In addition there is now  HP Indigo ElectroInk Vivid Pink and HP Indigo ElectroInk Vivid Green, a new set of brighter inks for high-end photo applications including wedding photography, allow printers to reach more vibrant pink, green and blue shades.

And there is the commercial release of HP Indigo ElectroInk Fluorescent Green, Yellow and Orange, in addition to the previously available Fluorescent Pink.

Alon Bar-Shany, general manager, HP Indigo, says, “HP print service providers are experiencing unprecedented growth and momentum as print buyers, agencies, and brands are looking for ways to connect the online world with the physical world.

“HP’s digital print technologies are blending these realities, providing amazing new application opportunities, alongside higher productivity.”

The HP PageWide C500 Press for mainstream corrugated production will begin shipping next month to customers worldwide, and there are significant improvements to the HP Indigo 30000, which the company says are aimed at delivering new opportunities for folding carton converters with up to one million sheets a month, including brand protection and security solutions.

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