The Horizon BQ-480

Featuring the quickest set-up and changeover for variable book production in its class, the Horizon BQ-480 perfect binder raises binding quality and productivity to a new level.

Currie Group supplies Horizon finishing equipment in New Zealand. In addition to dimension based automation, the BQ-480 features customised automated setup accounting for paper type, signature vs. loose sheet, sewn book blocks, notch binding, and other key factors for higher quality with less effort.

It offers a maximum production speed of 800 books per hour for book of one production; production speed changes depending on thickness change from book to book. The book delivery mechanism delivers the book gently for high quality books, even with 65mm thickness books or PUR bound books.

It supports both EVA hotmelt glue and PUR hotmelt glue. Two different tanks are available for each glue type.

Automation the key

The system uses different functions to improve production and quality. Automated features save time, eliminate human errors and enable increased productivity. All sections including milling guide, spine glue, side glue, nipping station, cover feeder, scoring rollers and delivery are setup automatically. This new automation adds to higher quality with increased spine and side glue control and auto nipper height adjustment.

At the start of the process, the book feeding section uses a rigid clamping system to hold the book block firmly in position during the milling and nipping process to produce a quality finished book. A safety beam ensures risk-free operation.

The milling section has a powerful servo motor driven milling and notching mechanism that mills the spine of a book block or signature for optimum glue penetration and adhesion. Milling rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to book thickness and custom template.

In the glue tank section, dual application rollers and side gluing rollers ensure superior glue application to the spine and excellent adhesion of the cover. Glue roller height; wiper opening and cut-off timing; scraper roller height; and side glue roller width are automated.

The nipping section has a strong rigid nipping mechanism and positive jogging that guarantees precise alignment of the cover to the book block and square spines. Nipping width, height, operating time and delay time are adjusted automatically according to book thickness.

After transport to the nipping section, the cover registration section sees the cover registered precisely with the fore-edge guide and tail edge positioner.

At the scoring section, the scoring width and position are automatically set up according to book block thickness and cover registration. Scoring is performed on thick covers for professional binding with sharp, square spines and hinge scores.

The high capacity cover feed station has a maximum pile height of 150mm for continuous binding operation.

Finally, the book delivery design eliminates damage to the spine. The conveyor lifts books to a comfortable height for easy off-loading.

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