From left: Anthony Arcuri, Graph-Pak; Vittorio Pugliese, RE Spa; and Tom Ralph, Graph-Pak

Graph-Pak and RE Spa have signed an agreement for Graph-Pak to supply RE Spa solutions in New Zealand and Australia.

The company takes over from David Trigg to distribute the RE Spa range of brakes, web guides, web viewing systems, mechanical chucks, safety chucks and load cells. Tom Ralph, Graph-Pak owner, says he has mixed emotions taking over the distribution of the RE Spa products from his old friend David Trigg. Tom explains, “David has been a loyal friend for the past 25 years and we have shared both good and bad times together. Unfortunately this is not one of those good times, as David became sick last year and this is now about passing on the business due to unfortunate circumstances.

“David and I worked together at Edward Keller for a decade in Sydney before I started Graph-Pak in 2005. We were both engineers and then I ended up moving into sales and took over the Edward Keller agencies that started the Graph-Pak business that exists two decades later.

“Since I started Graph-Pak, David has been my right arm – he has been doing my engineering in Adelaide and we have attended every trade fair together for the past 20 years,

“This is another blue chip agency that has come on board for Graph-Pak. I want to make David proud of his decision to pass the business to us and also recognise the vote of confidence from the team at RE in Italy. Our engineers are involved with RE products on a daily and weekly basis, so it was an easy decision to partner with RE and add this famous business to our portfolio. It further complements our commitment to supplying great after-market solutions for existing and new clients.”

RE sales manager, Vittorio Pugliese, feels pleased to have Tom Ralph and the Graph-Pak team representing the Milan-based business. He says, “We have started this great collaboration following a recommendation from our friend David Trigg and we are looking forward to expanding our business together in Australia and New Zealand. Tom and Anthony from Graph-Pak are technically very experienced and we are always available for customer service and support.”

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