Innovation Print Awards 2021
Innovation Print Awards 2021 judging criteria include quality; degree of innovation; business effectiveness; and overall creativity

Fujifilm Business Innovation has announced the addition of pink specialty dry ink for the Iridesse digital production press across the Asia Pacific region.

The company says this will strengthen the printer’s ability to handle printing needs in specialised colours.

With its one-pass six-colour printing engine, the Iridesse digital production press can load two specialty dry inks in addition to the standard CMYK. The company says this enables rich colour expressions not previously achievable with digital printers. The new pink joins the line up of other specialty dry inks for the Iridesse: gold, silver, white, clear and custom red, achieved by mixing and optimising a new fluorescent-type colour into Fuji Xerox’s EA (Emulsion Aggregation) toner.

The ability to incorporate bright and vibrant pink hues into the design of printed materials will help broaden the scope of different styles of visual expressions, including cute, cool and elegant styles, according to the company, which adds that the mixture of pink dry ink with CMYK colours will enable printing orange, red, violet and other colours with a vibrancy that cannot be achieved with CMYK colours alone. This will allow a faithful reproduction of specialised hues such as corporate brand colours. The use of pink dry ink delivers fluorescent pink prints and other colours that are commonly used for applications such as front cover of magazines and comic books.

Operators can also use the new pink dry ink in conjunction with existing specialty dry inks including gold and silver, expanding the scope of expression for various on demand printing needs, such as for marketing collaterals including point of purchase, advertising, leaflets and catalogues, as well as for folding cartons and packages.

The GX Print Server for the Iridesse will provide an ICC profile conducting pink layer separation. This can be downloaded and used via the client’s computer to more easily make use of colour expressions that take advantage of the pink dry ink during the design process in developing print materials. The profile automatically separates RGB data and other data on specially designated colours into the optimal CMYK and pink output data, thus making it possible to easily create colour expressions that benefit from the pink dry ink.

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