Esko has launched two new solutions, the CDI Crystal 4835 and Print Control Wizard, aimed at  simplifying flexo platemaking through automation.
The CDI Crystal 4835, which follows on from its Crystal 5080 flexo imager, features automatic plate loading and unloading, and supports the 48×35 inch plate size popular with flexo converters.
Scott Thompson, inside sales and marketing manager, Esko Australia and New Zealand, says, “The biggest advantage of the Crystal, combined with the Print Control Wizard, is removing the complexity through automation. It takes away a lot of human error, and streamlines the production process. In the past, flexo platemaking has been outsourced, so it is a lot to learn, and it is too much expertise needed to bring that back in house. They are more reliant to pass it on to other people.
“Esko has made it easy, especially with the wizard, for plate setup. Usually it would take an expert to come in and set up the curves, start point dots, cut off dots, and everything else. We have put our knowledge and expertise into allowing the user to do it themselves through the wizard.
“We are taking away the need for the customer to be the expert, because we are the expert, and make it easier for them. So a lot more houses can bring it in internally. The XPS Crystal, with the LED technology, are all about total consistency, both plate to plate, and across the complete plate.
“There are a lot of improvements and advantages, but it mainly frees up operator time, improves the consistency, and ease of use through automation. Compared to the manual steps needed to create a plate without an Esko system, we have reduced by half, to make it simpler for platemaking.
“In turn, that reduces the total operator time by up to 73 per cent. Because of that, and the consistency of LED technology, it is also halving plate waste errors. All the technology is currently available in Australia and New Zealand.”
Esko says that using the CDI Crystal in combination with the Crystal XPS frees up operators from mundane and repetitive tasks. It also means that there is only a single system to monitor.
Geert De Proost, director, Solutions Marketing, Esko, says, “As run lengths and deadlines get shorter, converters and premedia need to continuously improve efficiency. “By expanding our flexo solution portfolio with these innovations, we simplify flexo platemaking even further. Today it comes yet another step closer to be a simple push the button solution.”

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