This year’s EFI Connect saw a mix of new print technology and industry trends when it took place recently in Las Vegas.

The company launched Fiery Prep-it software for the preparation, layout, and automated production of print for cut jobs. EFI says the solution reduces the time needed to nest complex objects for wide format printing by up to 90 per cent. The company adds that it can pay for itself in four months or less.

Also on show at Connect, the 3.2 metre EFI Pro 30h UV LED printer delivers prints up to 230 square metres per hour. The hybrid super wide format solution targets businesses looking for a growth opportunity. EFI says it has designed it to provide broader application capability, versatility, and profit potential. It maximises productivity by continuously printing large or multiple small boards. Switching from rigid to flexible media with the printer is easy. The Pro 30h can print on dual rolls meaning you canrun multiple jobs simultaneously.

Connect conference sessions explored possibilities in high quality display graphics. These showed how these solutions could drive digital production to new, higher levels.

Also on display, the EFI VutekEk XT, a 3.2 metre hybrid solution with available media handling automation that prints at speeds above 375 boards per hour. EFI says a new system for the XT model delivers complete ink circulation, superior dot placement, five-picolitre drops, and grayscale imaging. It claims near-lithographic quality without expanding beyond four-colour CMYK ink sets.

The company says its VutekEk Q5r, a 5.2 metre UV LED inkjet production workhorse, is the fastest roll-to-roll printer in its class. It boasts throughput speeds that reach 672 square metres per hour. It offers a complete print to finished graphic workflow. Options include inline slitting, trimming, and other value-enhancing features. In addition, you can get a new inline visual inspection system.

The EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED single-pass printer for display graphics is a 1.8 metre signage solution. Available with up to six colours, plus white ink, it prints on synthetic and paper-based media at up to 1,000 sheets or boards per hour. EFI says this speed is three or four times faster than the most productive shuttle-based multi-pass display graphics printers.

Connect also showed the FS500 Pro platform, scheduled for release this quarter. It runs with new office and cutsheet production systems from many of the world’s leading digital printer manufacturers. It is an advanced, new digital front end platform for commercial and cut-sheet digital printing. It rips graphics-intensive jobs up to 50 per cent faster than previous EFI Fieries. A Fiery JobExpert feature can streamline job prep tasks, automatically choosing the correct colour and imaging settings. Fiery FS500 Pro also provides an extensive collection of additional, innovative new features that address top challenges print businesses face, such as shorter runs, faster turnaround times, less experienced staff, increased security standards and the need to reduce costs.

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