Recently, Paul Whitehead, business unit manager Sign & Display for Currie Group and Brett Addison, business development manager ANZ at EFI, visited New Zealand.

In January, the companies announced that EFI had established a new distribution partnership with Currie Group for New Zealand and Australia. The partnership confirms both companies’ commitment to the region and enables their respective customers to broaden their capabilities.

Whitehead says, “Currie Group delivers technical service and support of the highest possible standard. We also distribute a range of quality equipment and consumables such as HP Indigo. It makes sense for us to partner with EFI, which offers world-class UV LED solutions.”

Leveraging success

Addison agrees. He says, “The combination of market presence and scalability makes it a logical decision to work together. Currie Group has proved itself in the production print space, which is now a mature market.

“We are talking to print companies about how we can help their businesses, raising awareness of our credentials. We have discussed how they can leverage parts of the business.

“Leverage is knowledge, consumables, parts and the various different factors that contribute to turnaround times and uptime. Customers can access the leverage that Currie Group and EFI offer. For example, having a service technician only a few hours away is more than helpful to a business needing more uptime.”

Whitehead says, “There are parallels with the HP Indigo, which is also at the high-end of digital print production. People who build business around top technology don’t want downtime. They don’t want to buy an orphan. We offer support and service at that high level. We understand production and complexity.

“Our scalability means that parts, consumables, and people are available. Although signage and display with wide format printing is seen as high-value, it was once thought of as slow turnaround. Support for those systems was next day service or three-day service but that has changed. We live in a ‘now’ society; print is same day and wide format fits into the same bucket. Currie Group and EFI have a service offering that matches market demand.”

Globally, EFI is proven technology. Whitehead says, “EFI solutions are second to none. The range of innovations available through EFI’s line up of roll-to-roll, flatbed and hybrid printers opens up new possibilities for our customers.”

Open day highlights capabilities

Recently, Currie Group and EFI held an open house in Melbourne, which was booked out. Among the highlights was the EFI Pro 32r+, a 3.2m roll-to-roll LED printer, which offers productivity up to 256 square metres per hour and low power consumption. Its ‘cool cure’ LED technology extends the range of supported substrates; lowers operating costs; and satisfies customer requests for a greener print solution with low VOCs, lower power consumption, and less waste and consumables. With four colours (CMYK) plus optional white ink or optional clear ink, it turned a few heads.

Addison says, “The Pro 32r+ has a massive wow factor. The versatility of running white and clear is one thing but the ease of use is massive. It opened people’s eyes. It is certainly a conversation starter.”

“The open house was a success, and we look forward to showing Kiwi customers the solutions in person. When you have a company of between five and 10 employees, they need to see the machine; to be in front of that machine; and to have that experience. Working with Currie Group, we can give them that experience.”

Whitehead says, “Currie Group customers, and those who came to the open day, are already running successful print businesses, producing a range of printed material. So, they already have a massive head start for moving into wide format.

“Also, EFI has more entry level technology coming such as the Pro 30h hybrid printer announced at virtual.drupa. For other technologies, that often means start at entry level and grow. But with EFI, entry level comes from the top down. It is impressive.”

Digital trend set to continue

Both Addison and Whitehead see a solid future for Currie Group and EFI working together. They also see it as their customers’ digital future.

An offset printer by trade, Addison says, “I resisted the future but transitioned to digital because it can offer so much to the market. It makes these products more affordable to more people and opens new revenue streams for print companies with non-traditional print buyers.

“Currie Group and EFI are looking forward to growing long standing relationships with our customers.”

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