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David Crowther calls Myiro a low investment ICC profiler with high accuracy

Spectrophotometer manufacturer Myiro has chosen colour management specialist Colour Graphic Services as its local dealer.

Colour Graphic Services will supply Myiro-1 and Myiro-9 spectrophotometers in New Zealand and Australia. David Crowther, managing director at Colour Graphic Services, says Myiro, a Konica Minolta company, has impressive credentials. He says, “In fact, it so impressed Techkon, it now resells Myiro in the USA. Myiro fills the gap of a low investment ICC profiler with high accuracy. It offers a fast chart-reading version for rapid profiling.

”The two Myiro colour measurement devices fit perfectly into our range of prepress colour measurement instruments and ICC profiling tools.

“The Myiro-1 is the perfect hand-held spectrophotometer for any third party supported software. The list so far includes Mellow Colour PrintSpec, EFI, Oris ColorTuner, Agfa, ColorGate, Creo, ErgoSoft, Color Logic. Myiro-1 relays measured patches, strips or charts (using the measuring guide), wirelessly, avoiding cables and USB cables. For example, in a single pass scan of a Fogra strip, it sends M0, M1 and M2 in one action

Fast chart reading

The Myiro-9 auto chart reader delivers data to the majority of third party profiling software used in all print disciplines. He says, “It is fast: 1500 patches in just four minutes. Myiro-9 is the reference instrument used by major print machine manufacturers. Like the Myiro-1, it also includes M0, M1 and M2 data in a single scan. It handles virtually all known colour charts and control wedges and is never fooled by optical brighteners (OBAs) added to many substrates and papers. Myiro-9 can be adapted to a wide range of substrates. It can pay for itself in time saved over a short time where multiple and custom profiles are needed.

“The Myiro spectrophotometers are total quality-manufactured in Japan by the Sensing division of Konica Minolta. They measure colour as you see it.

Accurate colour management

Magnus Sandström, digital workflow manager at Taberg Media Group in Sweden has used Myrio. He says, “We saw an image quality improvement from day one, after implementing our updated Myiro profiles. Since then, we have printed more than 10,000 jobs. We have not had one single complaint regarding skin tones or other colour conversion related issues. As a prepress geek, I can finally feel 100 per cent proud about our streamlined and accurate colour management.”

Ronny Willfahrt, of PrintXmedia in Germany, agrees. He says, “The manufacturer has succeeded in creating a great measuring device. You can now handle everyday measuring tasks in the prepress sector really well. The heart of the solution, the hardware, completely convinced us, especially the wireless connection. The workmanship, the ergonomics, and the smooth and quick scan measurement are excellent.”

Colour Graphic Services will feature the Myrio devices as part of its demonstrations at September’s PacPrint in Melbourne.

See the Myrio devices in action

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