Canon has achieved
In its sustainability report for 2020, Canon identified a number of ways it intends to drive the business forward

In its drive to become more sustainable, Canon New Zealand has achieved Toitū carbonzero certification.

In Canon Oceania’s sustainability report for 2020, the company identified a number of ways it intends to drive the business forward. These include launching a five-year local warranty in ANZ and building an Azure Centre of Excellence to drive innovation.

Akira Yoshida, managing director for Canon Oceania, says, “In 2020, we stand on the precipice of a new age. The digital revolution that began with the advent of the internet is accelerating, with breakthroughs in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things allowing us to do things better, faster and cheaper than ever before.

“Our innovation agenda is planned with tomorrow in mind. That is why we are combining Canon’s technologies with the latest research and development internationally, with the aim of genuinely making a difference in our world.”

The company has outlined its 2020 vision for a number of other growth initiatives. These include transforming business; acting responsibly; promoting an open and diverse culture; and reducing its environmental impact.

Canon believes consolidating the group companies into three main management entities – Canon Australia, Canon New Zealand, and Canon Business Services – will help achieve its goal of deriving 50 per cent of its revenue from services and 50 per cent from products.

Yoshida adds, “It also acknowledges the maturing of our traditional markets. Global changes in the camera and inkjet markets in particular, affected our sales in 2019. But our operating profit has increased in 2019 across the Canon Oceania Group.

“This result was achieved in part by reducing costs through restructuring and by focusing on business profitability.”

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