boost short run work
EFI says its Version 6.7 helps Fiery customers improve automation and job management

EFI has launched the latest update to its EFI Fiery Command WorkStation to help boost short run work.

Version 6.7 helps Fiery customers improve automation and job management to better handle growing numbers of short run print jobs. Fiery Command WorkStation enables a unified Fiery Driven print room. Operators can control all Fiery servers, either local or remote. As a result, companies improve operational efficiencies and increasing productivity.

John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing at EFI Fiery, says, “Getting many short run, high  quality jobs done as fast as possible is in the Fiery DNA, and we have always been focused on the challenges of high volume, short run work.

“Our customers choose Fiery because it excels in this area, and this newest Command WorkStation release gives customers even more of what they want. The latest innovations will help boost short run work.”

New Fiery enhancements

EFI says the new version 6.7 of Fiery Command WorkStation addresses the most pressing job volume and labour needs. It accelerates the administration and production of print jobs with several new enhancements. Automated job tagging using print pre-sets now helps customers classify, find, and manage jobs faster. Also, a new search tool gives users the power to search for jobs across all their connected Fiery DFE servers. Both features save valuable time when managing a large volume of jobs in fast moving print shops.

Command WorkStation works in tandem with connected Fiery Workflow Suite software. This makes other important print job preparation tasks simpler and faster. For example, the Workflow Suite’s Fiery ImageViewer solution has new controls for reordering, duplicating, or deleting pages. In short, this eliminates the need to step out of the tool for simple page-level edits.

Print businesses can save time using Fiery Hot Folders with Command WorkStation 6.7 to automate server pre-sets, and imposition templates. For variable-data jobs, you can streamline job submission tasks using another integrated solution, Fiery FreeForm Create.

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