New Zealand’s largest paper merchant BJ Ball, will acquire its long-term distribution partner Aarque Graphics, with an expected completion date of March 29.
Aarque and BJ Ball will continue to operate as separate businesses with a view to focus on the key strengths of each, and offer the best service and customer experiences for their respective customers.
Richard Hislop, GM BJ Ball Limited, has welcomed the acquisition as an opportunity to bring the best of both businesses together, creating the widest range available in the industry.
He says, “Diversification and growth in the digital printing sector is key in the decision to acquire Aarque Group, New Zealand’s leading large format supplier”.
“This acquisition fully supports Ball & Doggett’s diversification plans. The partnership of the two New Zealand businesses provides the opportunity for rapid and significant growth with Aarque now able to tap into BJ Ball’s national footprint and infrastructure.
Incorporated in 1948, and known as Aarque Group since 2010, the business has evolved to become one of the key industry players within its markets and a significant business in its own right.
Leo Bult, joint Chief Executive at Aarque, says the company shares a commitment to deliver quality, cost effective products and exceptional service. He says, “Aarque endeavours to supply everything a company needs to be at the cutting edge of technology, delivering upon a policy of excellence in supply, range and service”.
“We feel excited about this opportunity for the future. It makes it possible for us to move forward and grow, while continuing to bring new ideas to the market and a continued investment into the industry”.
“Our business is about continuously bringing new ideas to the market; being innovative with these ideas; and having the products available to see those ideas through. We help our customers understand what is new, what are the trends, and how they can stand out, and we then provide them with innovative products for their ideas.”
The announcement follows BJ Ball’s merger with K.W. Doggett Fine Paper last year, to become the largest, most diversified paper, packaging and print media distribution business across Australia and New Zealand. Global industry player, and leading Japanese pulp and paper company, OVOL, acquired a 51 per cent stake in the BJ Ball K.W. Doggett entity.

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