Signage and wide format print specialist Bannershop has launched an exclusive partnership programme and seeks interested printers, graphic designers, promotional companies and signage specialists in New Zealand to consider signing on.

Bannershop says the key benefit of becoming an exclusive Bannershop partner is the operator can add wide format and dye-sublimation fabric printing to their product offering while leveraging the purchasing power and e-commerce functionality of Bannershop.

Bannershop has its head office in Hong Kong where it also owns a Bannershop printing factory, employing 160 staff, meaning quick two-day turnaround times to have printing completed and returned to New Zealand.

Bannershop in Sydney also offers the full range of wide format printing capabilities and has just installed a top of the range Zünd cutter so it can complete jobs closer to home as well. The company also has plans to install a new industrial built roll to roll and flat bed printer, with the installation set take to take place before the end of 2019.

Joseph Luk, managing director of Bannershop, came up with the concept with his business partner three years ago. He believes it offers a win-win for business growth and prosperity for the exclusive partner and Bannershop.

He says the programme works nothing like a franchise as it has no joining fee and the partner receives exclusive rights to the place within which they operate. It opens up cross-selling opportunities for partners within the Bannershop network. He explains, “For example, if the Victorian operator specialises in screen printing, the Queensland partner runs a promotional business and the New Zealand business is involved in signage, then all three services could be offered to leverage growth.

“It offers open, two-way communication between partners and also between the partners and Bannershop. This means each group can learn from the other and leverage this knowledge for mutual benefit. Franchise communication tends to be one-way marketing.

“With our model, each party can share insights, wins, losses, business environment information and come up with ideas to do better as an individual as well as a whole.

“We pass on our knowledge and experience and let our partners use that to go to the next level while still having 100 per cent control. In the day to day running of the partnership, the operator can choose to have the job printed in Sydney or in Hong Kong, if a lower price is a priority.

“What the Bannershop Exclusive Partnership Programme means is we will seek to partner with existing businesses in this industry. It could be a printer, a screen printer, a graphic designer, promotional company, or a signage company.

“Typically, it is a business that already has an established business and network in this area. We will approach them, or they will approach us to explore the synergies. It basically means the partner can sell our products under the Bannershop brand name as an extra offering without interfering with their existing businesses.”

Three years ago, Bannershop rolled out this model across Malaysia, China and Germany. It is now looking to expand into Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and more European cities.

Luk says, “Our analysis shows the way the programme is structured allows the revenue to grow rapidly as well as maintaining a good return for both parties.

“We can also leverage our purchasing power from Hong Kong because we buy huge quantities of the same raw materials. We are happy to supply these materials and signage frames at very competitive prices.”

Luk says that adding the Bannershop offering does not require the business partner to buy new printing equipment or employ new staff as the products are offered in addition to those already available.

He explains, “The ongoing running cost for the business is very low because of the synergy that comes from this partnership. The partner will already have an existing business in the particular state, they will have their own facility, they will have their own staff so already that is a saving as it is a new product being injected into their existing business.”

The main benefits of partnering with Bannershop:

•   Exclusive partner trade pricing;

•   Cash flow: 80 per cent of Bannershop customers pay up front;

•   Fully functional and well established e-commerce site –;

•   Exclusive ownership of the territory you operate in; and

•   Access to 13 years of international experience in wide format and signage production to help you succeed if this is a new offering for the business.

He concludes, “To speak to me and to find out more about partnering with Bannershop, please get in touch with me at [email protected] or please visit”

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