Roger Astell, marketing manager at the UK manufacturer says, “The modular concept means that if a converter wants to upgrade, say from a single turret to a double, he only has to upgrade one part of the system.”

According to Astell, the SR9 has a specific application. He says, “It is designed for converters who are working with shorter runs in high volumes. Change over times between jobs is just 30 seconds, which over the course of 24 hours represents a significant time saving over manual changeover.”

Atlas says that it focused its product development strategy on achieving significant reductions in machine downtime for printers and converters, including reduced set change time, lower operator intervention and also reduction of waste materials. The Titan SR9 claims running speeds of up to 1,000mpm. The company adds that it has eliminated all hydraulics and employs high efficiency motors and regenerative braking to reduce energy consumption.

The Titan SR9-DT Dual Turret rewinder was introduced towards the end of 2011. The Dual Shaft (DS) module will be available later this year, followed by the Single Turret (ST) module, for a range of flexible materials including plain, printed, coated or metallised films, laminates, paper, board and flexible packaging materials.

Engineering design has led to the application for four patents on the Titan SR9 Series, including the Turret Support Device. Atlas says the engineering design has led to significant improvements in the quality of slit reels and significant reductions in set-up procedures.

The company says that a newly designed Linear Tracking Slitter (LTS) section ensures the shortest and a constant web length between the knives and the rewind shafts for improved web control giving the highest possible side wall quality of rewind reels and also reducing the possibility of waste material, according to Atlas.

The new CW technology platform introduces more compact film slitting solutions in web widths from 2.5 to 10.4 metres and delivers higher efficiency, increased productivity and reliability, higher quality rewind reels, reduced noise levels and more effective, operator-friendly control systems according to Atlas. It also features wireless rewind arm positioning, automatic knife positioning, direct drive web path rollers and running speeds of up to 1,500mpm with more precise web tension control. Electrical cabinets are now fully integrated in to the machines to reduce the space required for installation with ‘under floor’ service trenches also no longer required for the primary slitter rewinders.

Following the company’s continued expansion, a new service platform for the Atlas and Titan range of slitter rewinders is now in place, providing expanded global customer service & support operations.

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