The CDP represents 655 institutional investors with $78trillion in assets, and for the fourth consecutive year, Amcor is featured in the CDP 2012 ASX200 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

The index is a key component of CDP’s annual Australia and New Zealand Climate Change Report, highlights the constituent companies within the ASX200 that have a strong approach to information disclosure regarding climate change.

Companies are scored on their climate change disclosure, and high scores indicate good internal data management and understanding of climate change related issues affecting the company.

David Clark, vice president for safety, environment and sustainability, Amcor says, “Participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project and the CDP Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration are important elements of Amcor’s approach to sustainability and our commitment to responsible packaging.

“Being named to the CDP ASX200 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index is recognition for the efforts of Amcor’s co-workers to measure, manage, and report our greenhouse gas emissions and our commitment to meet our targets for reducing GHG emissions over time.”

The index, compiled by Deloitte on behalf of the CDP, provides an evaluation tool for institutional investors and other stakeholders. The 20 highest scoring companies from the ASX200 are represented in the CDP 2012 ASX200 CDLI.

Paul Simpson, CEO, CDP says, “Companies that make the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index have demonstrated strong internal data management practices for the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. They are also giving clear consideration to the business issues related to climate change and their exposure to climate related risks and opportunities. This is vital to realising greater efficiencies, protecting the business from risk and capitalising on opportunities.”

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