Soar fires up Heidelberg CX102

Soar fires up Heidelberg CX102
New Zealand's first push-to-stop press arrives in Auckland

Just over a decade after it installed the country’s first Heidelberg XL105 Speedmaster, Soar Printing has unveiled New Zealand’s first push-to-stop CX102 Speedmaster.

Fred Soar, managing director of Soar Printing, says, “This press is pretty cool. We have taken out two presses and replaced them with the CX 102 six colour and coater.

“Heidelberg installed and optimised the new press. We are running the Prinect workflow on it. This is a turnkey solution just for our offset. Makeready is easily under five minutes and about 60-70 sheets. The press uses spectrophotometers in it. Once it gets up to colour, it inserts a tag and identifies when we have saleable sheets.

“For offset printing, it doesn’t get much better than this. The press reaches speeds of up to 16,500 sheets per hour. There are few challenges in commercial, label, and packaging printing that it can’t handle. It switches between jobs without pausing; hence the push to stop.

“Say a client needs 10,000 A4 brochures with process, spot PMS and aqueous coating and requiring four additional versions in different languages in the 300-500 run length range. The new press handles all that with the printing done in less than 35 minutes.”

Source: NewZealand Printer

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