AIP calls for food rescue volunteers

AIP calls for food rescue volunteers
Invitation goes out to save food from going to waste and provide nutrition to those who need it

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) has invited its members and industry colleagues to get involved with its new Kiwi Harvest Volunteer Programme in New Zealand.

The initiative forms part of AIP’s commitment to the Save Food Initiative by FAO, the National Food Waste Strategy, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.

Kiwi Harvest, New Zealand’s perishable food rescuer, collect good food before it goes to waste and distributing it to those in need to nourish the wider community. Every month it delivers over 60,000kgs of food to 220 charities nationally. Around 103,000 tonnes of food gets thrown away by New Zealand industry every year. Kiwi Harvest wants to create lasting positive change so that good food does not go to waste. Plus, those that need nourishment will receive it. Kiwi Harvest reduces the negative impacts of food waste on our environment by redistributing excess food; helping to create lasting positive social change by nourishing those in need.

You can join the AIP Kiwi Harvest Volunteer Programme as an individual, with staff and colleagues, or as families. The AIP will work directly with Kiwi Harvest to book in some days where volunteers can visit the Ellerslie Warehouse and help pick and pack fresh vegetables into sacks. The day starts with a formal introduction on how KiwiHarvest works and information on their charity partners. Each day requires teams of 6, this is an outdoor activity requiring some lifting.

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Source: NewZealand Printer

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