Bobst puts digital on the table

Bobst puts digital on the table
New inspection table incorporates digital projection for the proofing of printed sheets and die-cut blanks

Bobst has unveiled a digital inspection table, designed to assist in removing print production errors.

The digital inspection table incorporates digital projection for the proofing of printed sheets and die-cut blanks, whilst providing real-time visual representations to match product with digital proofs. It uses HD projectors to illuminate the product sample with quality control imaging, enabling the operator to easily see if quality standards are matched or compromised.

It can project the layout file on to the sheet so that print registration can be checked and adjusted, removing the need for overlays and print minis and moving the process from paper to digital.

Raphaël Indermühle, head of sales and marketing business unit services at Bobst, says, “The digital inspection table is at the leading-edge of quality control technology and is another step in the development of digital innovation and services at Bobst.

“The table has been specifically designed to help drive efficiency along customers’ entire production lines and deliver outstanding final product quality, whilst increasing productivity and enhancing operator skills. This is a game-changing technology and will undoubtedly bring significant added value to our customers.”

The digital inspection table features include warp analysis, automated quality tracking, and performance management. Bobst says it has designed these features to provide a sophisticated methodical system, enabling and promoting higher quality production.

Source: NewZealand Printer

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